Adams Edison, Professor on Journalism

Adams Edison
Title Professor
Nationality Foreigner
Location The Academy
Social status Burgher

Professor of Journalism from another country. Open to discussing dangerous ideas for teh sake of having them discussed. Lacks social grace.


Revolution 2-2

First words

Meantime the scholar Luydmilla in her anger and indignation started writing a scathing tirade about the injustices. While not objectively good in her mind it was fit for purpose. Knowing another scholar of liberal beliefs she decided to seek out Adams Edison, professor of journalism, who unfortunately was not available.

Failed tests for philosophy and composition
Failed to circle up mr Edison

Revolution 03-3


Being denied at his house after hours Luydmilla arranged a proper office-hours appointment with Professor of Journalism Adams Edison. He gave her a few comments on her paper. On her way back to her office she went by the library to steal some office supplies.

Secret stuff

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