Activity Trolling
Title The troll that everything hears
Race Ancient Troll
Nationality Independent
Location Beyond the Barrier Peaks
Occupation Wandering
Allegiance Himself

Aldhissla, the troll that everything hears, is according to legends the first Troll. And Trolls are ancient beings. It have walked the realms for longer than Man have existed, it knows and sees more clearly than any creature of it's age. But it is worried about the balance of everything, it have seen Civilization (an aspect of Order) encroaching more and more upon the wild and untamed realms. It fears Chaos will strike out and strike out hard, it already feels it have begun.

Aldhissla is wise and knowledgeable, it sees through almost all kinds of trickery. It freely gives parts of it's wisdom to those willing to listen, it's advice comes even more freely. But Aldhissla refuses to actively help or get involved, points in the correct direction it does but never more than that. It is not it's struggle. But following it's advice blindly is dangerous as it often takes it's recipient on dangerous detours to test character. And much of the advice is said in riddles, it enjoys saying almost everything needed and then hide the last part in a riddle.

Notable items and other possessions


Secret stuff

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