Race Dwarf
Location With the Motley crew
Social status Outcast
Other PC

Dag is odd looking fellow, broad and short but not particularly muscular and skinnier than most dwarves. His body, including his face, is covered with tattoos of runic looking symbols. Most would find his looks disconcerting, dwarves most of all.
Sent to a monastery at an early age where he learnt calligraphy, drawing and how to brew a good strong ale. Though he didn't mind the isolation, reading thirdhand accounts of the wonders of the world was not enough.

The world awaits! Full of interesting magics and brews, it's a shame it's so full of people.

Got lost in the Underdark somehow, went with the drow peacefully since he had no other plans and no idea where to go

Notable items and other possessions

Incidents Involving Dag

Session 1-2

An opportunity

One fateful day when the sour old guard as usual brought you your food Dag, a strange tattooed dwarf, managed to snatch the keys. Later, as those selected for work were coming back, the priestess of the outpost, Ilvara Mizzrym, decided to introduce herself. She also knew someone had stolen the keys to the cell and decided a punishment was needed. Going over the unfortunate workers and what motives they could have she decided that the deep gnome Jimjar was the one who had taken them, whether he had done it or not. As punishment he was tossed to the spiders living below the outpost. But all was not lost as the sour old guard, when he brought supper, told the Motley Crew that he could arrange for an opportunity. Upon further questioning he just said that they would know.

Session 17-4


In the meantime Dag skilfully entered the Black Mountain unseen and found some old side passages running parallel to the main entryway. Exploring around he, after some close encounters, found himself next to a large chamber but blocked by rubble. Seeing the rest of the party entering the chamber he opened up a passage and joined the rest.

Session 20-3

An Eternal Mission

While the arms and armour of the slain footsoldiers showed the passage of time the Commander's armour had weathered it very well. It's make of exceptional quality and still to this date functioning without a sound. On the Commander you also found a journal detailing the force's mission, and some confusing preservation spells. Further investigations of the area revealed many protective wars enacted on it and among them Dag noticed a rune similar to one already on him, except this focusing on ice and frost. And Willy felt a familiar presence and got a sensation disturbing and confusing…

Session 22-1

Rot and Fungi

Making your way southwards along the river you after a few days, not too far from where river Nub flows into the Last Lake, noticed a smell of rot and decay. Following it you happened upon a small hamlet that by the looks of it had been washed out. The ground made of frozen mud, the buildings coved by a thin layer of ice and most of the roofs destroyed. In the main building you found the inhabitants put in a line and now covered by various fungi. The decomposition of the bodies and the fungi made the area around the bodies almost warm. Taking a sample of the fungi Dag accidentally got in contact with them and felt a familiar creature communicating with him. Stool, the myconid you left in Neverlight, sent through the fungi a feeling of frightened exaltation. A joyous celebration and a fungus growing from a caverns floor and disappearing into the darkness above. With supplies low you left the bodies where they laid and went after the perpetrators.

Session 33-3

Highport reading

Returning to Highport Zarrah set out to study the Dark Grimoire where she found both methods of how to draw daemons into the material plane and a good target to get a horn from, a Goristro. While Zarrah read her unholy book Dag found himself with some time to study the tome he had been given, an annal of the Dvergr and early Dwarven history. In it he found references to warriors later to be called battleragers operating out of two clanholds. Once called the Black Garrison and the other Everglow. Some vague notions of their location but nothing definitive.

Secret stuff

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