Davit de'Veran

Davit de'Veran
Title Prince
Race Man
Nationality Kingdom of Veran
Social status Noble
Other Player Character



  • Throughout my entire life I have been led by others—-but no longer: I shall prove to everyone that I am capable of leadership. Leadership facet: Generosity (I shall distribute my generous contribution of daily necessities, throughout the village to prove to Dr. Mattau that he is not the only one who cares for the lives of Veran's people.)
  • The people of Hochen no doubt see me as representative of a looming iron fist, but I shall show them that the path of proper rulership depends on a forgiving nature. As judge over their trials, I will ensure that both Elena and the peasant family are spared suffering.

The sorcerer Elena

  • The sorcerer selected for this mission, Miss Elena Dragoslava, is the youngest spell-caster I have ever known, and thus might prove useful to me in the decades to come. (I hear the fearful cries of 'Witch' ring throughout Hochen. I must make sure that Elena uses her magic to demonstrate that official Veran spellcasters are trained to serve the people, not terrorize them.)

Finding Love

  • God tells me that marriage is sacred because it binds together the souls of two people who truly love each other, but I love my betrothed Veronica not. (I shall officiate a proper coming-of-age ceremony in the village of Hochen as a way to scan for any young maidens who might be "gems in the rough".)

Faith in Hochen

  • The bitter wojt Marten refuses to accept Tudom out of a mistaken belief that Hochen will be forgotten once I leave it's grounds. Through my actions, Tudom's blessing will permanently protect this village. But first I must rebuild his dilapidated shrine. Perhaps the merchant Nomas could be convinced to assist me in my efforts…

Notable items and other possessions


Secret stuff

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