Defá Ránisgazza

Defá Ránisgazza
Activity Searching for his brother
Race Humanish
Nationality Greyhoof herd of the Lampi peoples
Social status Outcast

Defá and his brother survived the "Grey tide" that one morning, just a few hours before dawn befell their herd, Greyhoof's herd. Since then they have travelled westward in hope of joining another herd. They did meet up with Spotted tail's herd and were welcomed. Defá's brother wanted them to become members of the herd so the two brothers set out to do a deed. Reading the warning on spirit boundary and guide markers the brother came up with the idea to steal a cockatrice's feather to prove their worth. Defá was told to stay behind at a camp they set up as the brother didn't want to risk his little brother's life. But when his brother didn't return for a few days Defá went out looking for him.

The grey tide the brother's survived they describe as
"A grey sea of fur and fangs, sweeping in and overwhelmed the herd.
Hairy creatures as out of nightmare rode upon the beasts with sharp steel.
Within 15 minutes the herd was dead and into the red field strode two beasts of enormous size.
One white as the new snow. One dark as the starless night.
Together the two devoured Greyhoof and her tender.
And a chill, worse than any we've ever felt before, wend down our spines.
Our herd's guide, Greyhoof, was devoured."


Session 36-1

Broken herd

Before heading out again you gathered the young Lampi's body. A day later you noticed you were followed and after a cunning deception Peter managed to get on the tail of your tail. As the tails became aware of each other the Lampi boy, Defá Ránisgazza, who had been following your lowered his spear and charged Peter. After a short scuffle the boy was on the ground and started cursing Peter out for having killed his brother. But as the story was told of the basilisks of cockatrices the boy calmed himself realizing that he had been wrong. When everyone had calmed down he told you about his brother who had gone out to prove his worth attempting to claim a cockatrice feather. All because he wanted them to be accepted into Spotted tail's herd. Their own herd, Greyhoof, had been annhiliated a short while earlier. A grey tide of fur, fangs and claws had swept over it leaving none but the brothers alive. As he told the tale you recognised the alpha wolfs - Skelli and Hatti.

Session 36-3

Finishing the job

The day after having met up with the boy you started hearing wolfs howling in the distance, closing in as the afternoon passed. By nightfall you had found yourself a defensive position as the wolves were upon you. As the pack were cautiously pacing outside the mouth Skelli and Hatti appeared in the cave as out of nothing. Their offer was simple, give them the boy and live to see the dawn. Rejecting their offer fangs were bared and weapons drawn. In the end you kept the boy and lived to see the dawn.

Secret stuff

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