Derek Askander

Derek Askander
Activity Hunting Rivfader
Race Human
Nationality Free cities of the Crescent Sea
Location Beyond the Barrier Peaks
Social status Noble
Allegiance Far Rangers

Derek Askander, son of Count Ulrich of Hommlet, is the current hair to the Askander house and all their land and titles. But he is currently lost ranging beyond the Barrier Peaks, out there hunting Rivfader the legendary troll whose forces cut down most of his patrol. He and a few others made it back to the ranger outpost bloody and weary. But Derek would not rest as trolls bearing the mark of the Black Mountain had cut down Robin, the love of his life. So Derek swore revenge and have since then sought revenge.

Notable items and other possessions


Session 18-1

Finding Derek

In the large cavern you found yourself in you were not alone. Trolls of all sizes were gathered around a central area and in the shadowy edges more of the horseriders and a few goblins. On the other side of the cavern, on it's massive throne carved with maze-like patterns, a horned troll of humongous size were seen. Making your way into the crowd you came upon a large fighting pit where a man in tatters just defeated, to the audiences' dismay, his latest opponents. As he pulled his blade loose he suggested, rather demanded, that it was time for Rivfader himself to meet him in the pit as he had slew every opponent so far. Before getting any answer one of the Witchdoctors of the horde entered the pit flanked by brutes and Derek were stuck paralysed and hauled off into some structure below.

Session 18-4

Leaving with Derek

Rivfader, despite being a being of Chaos, honoured his promise and gave Derek to you as he "had grown tired of him". Quickly you left the Black Mountain and almost dragging Derek away from the target of his furor. Putting the Black mountain quickly behind you the fire in Derek subsided somewhat. Once you had a bit of time to sit down you managed to convince Derek that the best way for him to honour Robin was to continue living and taking up his inheritance. And, as he realised, returning with a Horde of his own to enact his revenge.

Session 19-1

Towards home

After putting a fair distance between you and the Black Mountain you hunkered down to rest and get your energies back. All the time Derek were pacing erratic, doubting the path he is walking when Rivfader, the killing of his beloved Robin, still is feasting and gathering his horde. Emerging after your secluded rest you noticed many tracks outside of your camp, but just passing by. Climbing higher up into the mountains you found yourself at what you realized was a frozen over lake. Crossing it , and it's much easier going, you were beset by ice worms, Remoraz, that decided you were a perfect meal. After slaying them with the ice cracking under your feet you left the lake for safer and more solid ground. Utilizing her powers, Zarrah polymorphed into an Eagle to scout the surrounding area. With snow and mountain as far as her eagle eyes could see the lone figure far into the distance stood out.

Session 19-2

A turn for the worse

Over ridge and along slopes your path took you. One night as you neared the spine of the mountains Derek was beset by horrible night terrors. And a few days later a storm came upon you forcing you to seek proper shelter. With keen eyes you spotted what appeared to be a small cavern but as you entered it you came to the realization that it continued further in than you realized. Exploring it you came to a large room built by hands long dead and as you cleared some passages the dead itself came upon you. Giant horned skeletons, skeletons with a burning hatred for the living in their undead eyes and skeletons in ancient armour not carried by any armies today. Removing "un" from undead you were stuck with a conundrum, go after them and what caused them to rise or leave as soon as the storm subsided.

Session 19-3

Anger and furor

Taking a quick trip to the camp Willy found Derek once again in night terrors, but much worse than before and before his eyes Derek started sprouting hair and horns growing on his forehead. Subduing the now more beast than man long enough for Anton to come it was brought outside. Seeing a figure approaching in the storm, and not knowing who or what it was, Anton took the safe option and put Derek down. Once it come closer it lamented Anton's rash action as it told those gathered Derek was just a man who in his inner conflicts had a spiritual split and the part of him that wanted immediate bloody revenge won. That split and his rejection of part of him turned him into that beast. The figure, presenting herself as a Jámit Johtalit or a spirit walker of the Lampi peoples, also told you that it could perhaps have been undone but the time for that path were gone.

Session 21-2

Encounters on the downward slopes

On your descent, while still above the tree line, you saw tracks, not many days old of someone or something transporting something havy northwards. But you left it alone and a few days thereafter were back in familiar woods. With the woods around you the wind no longer stung as much and not before too many days you came across the trail of two humanoids. A short while later Anton stepped into their trap and was left hanging upside down. As they emerged from their concealed positions you recognised them as Far Rangers. While they cut Anton down you gave them the news of Derek's demise, but left many details out, and you then went different ways.

Secret stuff

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