Eldreth Feldrun

Eldreth Feldrun
Activity Traveling with the Motley Crew hoping to get back to her kin
Race Hill Dwarf
Nationality Gauntlgrym
Allegiance Gauntlgrym

A stout Hill Dwarf scout

Notable items and other possessions


Session 2-3

Discovery of the High Tunnels

Once the creek was found it didn't take you long to stumble into much larger and grander passages. You stepped from sometimes narrow natural passages into large obviously carved tunnels - High Tunnels. Dozens of feet across and high, columns carved in the resemblance of Dwarves lining the center and as easy to travel as the best roads on the surface. The Dwarven scout Eldreth Feldrun upon the discovery of her kin's ancient tunnels became awestruck and joyous. On your first "night" in the High Tunnels a macabre sight floated past in the creek, half of a centipede's corpse.

Session 3-4

A lack of senses

After resting in the outskirts of Neverlight Grove and getting your energy back the journey towards Gracklstugh began. But you didn't come far before Eldreth stopped in her tracks as a revelation struck her. The distance between the outpost and Neverlight Grove is what is expected between an outpost and it's Clanhold. A fervor caught her, desiring to to return to Neverlight Grove and drive out the Myconids. After calming her she vowed to return with an army and burn away all the fungus. When the Motley Crew arrived once again at the Whispering Passage Willy once again listened, listened a bit closely as he suddenly couldn't hear anything but the whispers, which after a short while faded as well rendering the warrior deaf. At your stop later at the outpost Wreit made you an offer, relinquishing control of the outpost to his master in exchange for introductions. With your meagre interest in the outpost you agreed and papers were signed.

Session 6-1

A night on the island

In the almost complete darkness of the Darklake your small island sits alone, dark waters surrounding it. During your rest your boat was assaulted by strange manta ray like creature, but their nibbles barely even scratching the hull. What was more concerning was that sometime during the night Eldreth went missing, later found without memories of it on the back of the island surrounded by lines of a chant written by her in the sand. You recognized some of them as the same lines as the celebrating myconids at Neverlight Grove sang but they were written all over the small beach without any apparent organization.

Secret stuff

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