Elena Dragoslava

Elena Dragoslava
Title Sorceress
Race Man
Nationality Kingdom of Veran
Social status Freeman
Other Player character


Proving herself to Prince Davit

  • I have been given an opportunity to travel with the Crown Prince, I will impress him with my powers!
  • That trick with the plants was obviously not impressive enough for the Crown Prince. I will be sure that my next reality will blow him away.

The commonfolk of Hochen

  • I am a new visitor to this area and may be living here the rest of my life. I will learn what I can of the people.
  • I have been given the authority to cast magic for the good of the realm. I will make sure these peasants understand that one way or the another. I am not a witch!

Proving herself to ducke Verdorben

  • The Duke has provided me with an alchemy lab and a place to live. I will complete this mission he has give me to the best of my ability.
  • The mission has gone off the rails due to the peasants' out-dated views. I will hurry the mission along as only I can


  • I have cursed the mayor of Hochen with religious feelings. I will use this to determine what is really happening in Hochen.

Notable items and other possessions


Secret stuff

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