Herman Ulm
Herman Ulm
Title Due of Ulm
Race Human
Nationality Free cities of the Crescent Sea
Location Ulm
Social status Noble

Duke of Ulm. Strict and an adherent to order and procedure. Married to Duchessa Lovisa of Ulm and have 5 children with her. Youngest is a boy and the rest daughters, oldest Elisa is soon to reach adolescence and to be introduced to the world and prospective husbands.

He have plans to survey the Border Peaks for valuable minerals but due to the security risks involved mining is not economically feasible. Should a stronger presence be established in the region he will rethink the prospect.

His oldest daughter, Elisa, is reaching adolescence and needs to be found a good husband. Since she is his second heir she have to be married matrilineally to safeguard the family's future. A painter have to be found to paint her likeness to increase the marriage prospects from the Commonwealth.


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