Horizon Blink

Horizon Blink
Race Tabaxi
Nationality Self-imposed exile
Social status Son of witch doctor
Occupation Adventurer


Notable items and other possessions


Session 26-1

A new face

As you made your way through town to find the bastard heir and to do other errands you ran into a small square next to a chapel. In the square a festival celebrating the Old Crone banishing the winter spirits by luring them out and into a bonfire. One of the participants playing the role of spirit, along with a mask, scared a participants who jumped out before Anton and got another scare. Composing himself, and after realising it was a party of adventurers on a northern coarse, he introduced himself as Horizon Blink. A Tabaxi on the search of his northern kin. He took up the offer of tagging along.

Session 27-2


As the sun started setting and the shadows growing longer you set out to infiltrate the Steading. Up the walls and over the roofs. The high windows around the roof to the main hall allowed you a glimpse inside where the servants, of both giant and orc origin, were preparing the evening meal. Aside from that little activity. In the watchtower you took out the sentry and doused the torches in the entrance hall. While you were discussing your next step a young hill giant peaked out and saw the torches were out, went and got new ones. But as he started lighting them Zarrah turned him into a turtle. After some more discussions you disposed of him. Inside you found the kitchen where weak-looking orcs were preparing the meal. Conjuring up a cunning plan Horizon cunningly poisoned the meal without being noticed.

Secret stuff

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