Ilvara Mizzrym

Ilvara Mizzryn
Activity Commanding Velkynvelve
Title Priestess
Race Drow
Nationality Menzoberranzan
Location Velkynvelve
Social status Priestess
Relationships Shoor Vandree (lover), Jorlan Duskryn (former lover)
Allegiance House Mizzryn

Drow priestess who commands Velkynvelve

Notable items and other possessions


Session 1-2

An opportunity

One fateful day when the sour old guard as usual brought you your food Dag, a strange tattooed dwarf, managed to snatch the keys. Later, as those selected for work were coming back, the priestess of the outpost, Ilvara Mizzrym, decided to introduce herself. She also knew someone had stolen the keys to the cell and decided a punishment was needed. Going over the unfortunate workers and what motives they could have she decided that the deep gnome Jimjar was the one who had taken them, whether he had done it or not. As punishment he was tossed to the spiders living below the outpost. But all was not lost as the sour old guard, when he brought supper, told the Motley Crew that he could arrange for an opportunity. Upon further questioning he just said that they would know.

Session 1-3

A meeting with the priestess

While most of the prisoners were of common stock one of them stuck out, Kerra the half-blood paladin. In her veins flowed the blood of celestials and that was what attracted Ilvara. A price such as Kerra could and should not be squandered as a common slave. No for her something else should be arranged, and Ilvara knew exactly what. Ilvara was going to present Kerra as a present to the matron-mother of house Mizzrin. To that end Kerra started to be tutored by the apprentice priest in all the matters a present needs to know.

Secret stuff

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