Kerra Esir

Kerra Esir
Activity Dead, killed by mad Stone Giant in Gracklstugh
Race Aasimar
Social status Outcast

Kerra Esir was taken in by a cleric of Calistria after her parents’ death at the age of ten. This cleric, a high elf named Loreth, had been a long time friend of Kerra’s parents. On the day her parents died, Kerra had been out playing with a few of the other kids in her small village just north east of Balder’s Gate, her parents were slaughtered. To this day she isn’t sure who did it, but she has been searching since she was sixteen and vowed revenge.

Loreth tried to sway Kerra down a more good path of life, but the child was too damaged from seeing her parents slain on the ground. Kerra is not one to shy away from a fight and will go to any means to achieve a goal. She isn’t shy about speaking her mind and she would be willing to sacrifice whomever she needed to as long as it kept her alive and helped her to achieve her goal of revenge.

Notable items and other possessions


Session 1-3

A meeting with the priestess

While most of the prisoners were of common stock one of them stuck out, Kerra the half-blood paladin. In her veins flowed the blood of celestials and that was what attracted Ilvara. A price such as Kerra could and should not be squandered as a common slave. No for her something else should be arranged, and Ilvara knew exactly what. Ilvara was going to present Kerra as a present to the matron-mother of house Mizzrin. To that end Kerra started to be tutored by the apprentice priest in all the matters a present needs to know.

Session 5-2

A break

The ledge couldn't keep it's welcoming nature and soon you found yourself at the end of it. But in the dark distance a bit below the current ledge another takes over. Tying Anton with another rope he started the climb down. Despite slipping and dangling a bit he got the the lower ledge securing the rope for the rest. When Willy climbed down he was forced to quickly find a handhold as he slipped and got bit. Looking into the crack Willy found a very sorrowful Imp begging for Willy's forgiveness which Willy wasn't willing to give. Willy grabbed the Imp with him as he climbed down. Once everyone was down Willy turned his attention to the Imp again and got it name, Jim, out of it. He also managed to squeeze out of it that it was hiding from his master after stealing a very pretty gem from it. When all of you were hesitating on whether or not to claim the gem Kerra decided to claim it as hers in front of Willy. As soon as the gem was snatched from the Imp's hand it disappeared with a big grin.

Session 8-3

Madness on a Giant scale

With a path to a way out of the darkness you started your investigation. Failing to capture the most fabulous of Derro, Droki, you learnt that he runs errands delivering items to some of the duergar merchants. And that he comes and goes from Lauduger's furrow, the large cleft dividing Gracklstugh into two parts and is the ghetto like residence for the Derro. Making your way towards the furrow you ran into, or it ran into you, a two-headed completely mad giant. You did manage to fell it but not before the fall of Kerra Eisir. When the Giant laid still on the ground, so did she and her shiny gem was nowhere to be found. Fashionably late, the leader of the giants in Gracklstugh, stonespeaker Hgraam, arrived at the scene along with some Duergar soldiers. Sad that his kin laid slain he offered to ask the stone to bring Kerra back, the least he could do. A short walk later you entered the Caingorn Cavern, the home of the giants in Gracklstugh, and Kerra was lain on a stone altar. Gathering around the small enclave of giants joined Hgraam's ritual to bring Kerra back.

Session 9-1

Still movements

In Caingorn cavern, the domain of the stone giants in Gracklstugh, stonespeeker hgraam began the ritual to bring your companion Kerra back to life. As it goes on the whole cavern appears to shake, the strange mist you encountered before softly change colours and Hgraam doing all he can to bring har back. Almost fainting from the exhausting ritual Hgraam is forced to abandon the efforts to being her back, "The stone is not responding, shaking and is restless". Offering to care for her remains you leave, mourning the loss of yet another companion. Outside the cavern a simply yet well-dressed Duergar, Hemeth who guided you to Gracklstugh, calls upon your attention in this time of grief bringing a message that his employer Saltbaron is waiting for you in your quarts at the Ghohlbron's lair.

Secret stuff

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