Levi baron
Activity Stealing and robbing
Title Theif
Race Half-Elf
Location Party

Theif extraordinaire

Notable items and other possessions


Session 13-2

Friends old and new

Back in Mantol-Derith with your gnomes in tow and in bad condition, not too unlike cut-off addicts, you wondered what to do with them. You found the temple to All Gods and Deities of Gold and Prosperity willing to take them in for a generous donation. After resting and getting over the horrors of Khaem's tomb you went to Holstein and Sons to meet up with your guides, a pair of jolly Dwarves named Gla and Lad. On your way out of Mantol-Derith, after Gla and Lad exchanged some information with an incoming caravan, you found a roguish looking fellow who as well were seeking a way out. A small donation to your purses earned Levi Baron a part of your little caravan out.

Secret stuff

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