Marcellus Martialis Sabinus Prospero

Marcellus Martialis Sabinus Próspero
Title Grand General, Lord
Race Human
Nationality Montbelliard
Social status Nobility, Lord

The general who became Grand


Revolution 03-1

The Grand Telltale

Reporting back to his superior, the Minister of War Boyar Frederick Artynsk, the General gave his account of the events and unsuccessfully argued for severe punishment. The fate of the dramaturge was not in Boyar Artynsk's hands. Then the grand general, to keep a better eye on the goins on in the palace, decided to reconnect with his old warbuddy Titus of the High Royal Guards.

Revolution 04-3

The General and the King

Having a few things to discuss with the King marcellus sought him out and ended up sparring with him. During the spar the issue of the failed promises to the soldier, such as the undelivered plunder, was brought up. The king told him to talk with someone else about it.

Revolution 04-4

On the hunt for plunder

Not discouraged Marcellus tried to seek out the Minister of Finance but met just of the secretaries. While trying to shift the general's attention away he showed payments of pensions having been made. Marcellus saw though the numbers and considered them pitiful.

Secret stuff

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