Mistress Edralve

Mistress Edralve
Activity Plotting and scheming in Highport
Title of the Nine
Race "Human"
Location Highport
Social status Inner councillor
Allegiance Highport, Herself

Mistress Edralve, patron of Stephanie Bucholtz and member of the Inner circle of Highport.

Notable items and other possessions


Session 34-2

Lawless law

As you were leaving Highport you were ambushed by a woman of power and her retinue. Haughty and arrogant she demanded to know what you were planning. Since you weren't keen of revealing your intentions Mistress Edralve, a member of the Inner Circle and patron of Miss Bucholtz, "offered" to escort you well away from Highport so that whatever you were planning wouldn't affect the town. Under their watchful gaze Zarrah prepared the teleportation circle and you set off away from Highport. When you arrived in the Temple of Nub, your chosen site for the summoning, you saw a shadowy figure leaving you and then with all haste south-west. Most likely towards Highport again.

Session 34-4

Suspicious ladies

Handing over the horn to Vecna, and the Dark Grimoire, you told her about Edralve who Vecna had encountered before. Not certain of what to do with her Vecna decided it would be best to send an emissary, and since you had already met her you could do the job. On the topic of Silver Cords Vecna had stumbled upon some possible leads in her vast wisdom and knowledge. The Gith, especially the Githyanki tend to make fortresses out of the bodies of dead gods lingering in the Astral sea. The Astral sea is also where your mind sometimes wander when you dream, the Dreamlands. She also told you that there were some secretive mystics dwelling in the Great Ice Wall to the far north that according to legend you walk their dreams. A possible way to enter the Astral Sea. And on the topic of rewards, again brought up by Anton, Vecna told you you could always take it from the Dragon that hunts the Icerim Expanse. With new goals in mind you again set off, this time stopping by in Neva.

Session 44-2

The blackbird

The day after arriving in Highport Dag found a blackbird sitting on a window perch in your room with a scroll around its leg. Once the scroll was taken the blackbird flew away again but disappeared in black mist after a few wing strokes. The scroll contained a message from Mistress Edralve, she who escorted you out from town last time you were in Highport, who wished to meet you regarding an issue she was struggling with. Shortly after accepting to meet a discreet carriage was waiting for you outside which took you to her. After a short trip across town you found her in her office which you were invited into. She quickly got to the point, fighting clubs with a high turnover and making plenty of gold apparently operating without any of the Nine being involved. This business she wanted you to find out who was behind it and how she could take it over.

Session 46-3

Return to Eldralve

Your lack of answers about the fighting pits did lead you to some conclusions. With enough knowledge of the situation you presented your findings to Edralve. As you had found no signs of anyone controlling it you were promised a good share of the profits once she takes control of it. Mentioning the Daemon connection, that the fighting pits being used as recruiting to a Daemon army, didn't elicit any response from her. Not that she she denied it, just that she didn't put much stock into it being an issue. For your hard work, and offering her his opportunity to expand her influence, she slid five heavy coin pouches over her desk to you totalling 2500g.

Secret stuff

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