Nomas Utskafferi

Nomas Utskafferi
Title Trader/Merchant
Race Man
Nationality Kingdom of Veran
Social status Freeman
Other Player Character


Financial situation of the other in the party

  • Being brought into this association with the three others, I would like to find out all about their financial situations and how best I can work with them in our endeavor.

Becoming richer

  • With the village fallen on hard times, I should be in a good position to expand my business and provide aid at the same time. I will aspire to expand my financial resources by making a contract deal with a local business, perhaps to supply a blacksmith.

Making connections

  • I would like to work on my connections in town. Would be nice to make several new friends.

The fields

  • There is something not quite right in this town. I'd like to figure out from several farmers what exactly is the issue with their crops.
  • I should sell these farmers the proper tools and techniques to upgrade their farming. This town is not cursed, just needs to upgrade its processes!

The bog ore

*I need to quantify my new mineral venture and get it up and running, post haste!

The Finances

  • Having my funds limited is not suitable for a successful businessman. I must stabilize my financials!

Notable items and other possessions


Secret stuff

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