Activity Scheming
Race Human
Location Borderlands Keep
Occupation Serving Vecna
Allegiance Vecna

Introduced herself as a villlage whore but soon it became clear there was so much more to her. Nothing of which one should talk about in fine salons.

Notable items and other possessions


Session 22-3

Nub, oh wonderful Nub

Arriving in Nub you found it to be one of the worse locations you had visited. Damp, muddy and half falling apart the village was no beauty. Renting rooms in the only inn in the village you tried to find out more about cultists. Despite a loose coin purse none knew anything about any cultists, at least not about any alive. During the night Zarrah's wards went off and outside one of the rooms she found one of the working girls loitering. having heard about about man with the loose coin pouch she wanted to go to work earning a bit of it. Turned away the night returned to routine.

Session 22-4

A new friend

The next day the girl, going by the name of Penny, ambushed Anton outside the inn and quickly became his new "friend" and wanting to know everything about him and his business to Nub. Despite obvious tells she had ulterior motives Anton enjoyed her "company". When the test of the party located Anton, as they started to miss him, they made sure he couldn't spend all of their coin on her and then let him get back to "friendship".

Session 23-1

The temple calls

Leaving Anton with Penny again you started to head off to get something useful out of the forenoon. But before you could take many steps from her den you felt a magical item activating and opening yourselves up to the arcane energies of the Ether you realized she had used a Sending stone and you knew the direction, but not distance, to the other end. Looking towards where the message went you saw the old temple resting in the mountains above the village. Once Anton was done enjoying the "friendship" you set off.

Session 24-1

Missing Friend

Armed with knowledge about what had happened in the temple a while ago you headed back down to Nub to rest up before heading towards Hommlet. Trying to find Penny it was found she had left her little love den.

Session 24-3

Temple, pt 2

With knowledge of cultists having a hideout in some ruins just outside the temple ground you started a trek one again to the temple. But you had exerted yourself and your resources and sought sanctuary with St Cuthbert to rest up. Once rested you found the ruins and the empty halls. Judging the size of the cell you found it to match up roughly to the force of the cultist ambush. There were signs of a hastily departure and that the commander's room one was occupied by a female with the same hair colour as Penny. With a few strands of her hair you attuned the Hunter's Dagger to her and found she had several days head start on you up into the mountains. You decided to let her run. In the basement you found an ancient anchor for an Astral projection, possibly how the cell communicated with those higher up. With nothing left in Nub you began the long walk towards Hommlet. Again.

Session 31-2

The Nightwitches

A Week after the eclipse you arrived at the Borderlands Keep, a fortress that had seen much better days. Its crumbling walls reinforced with heavy palisades and from the battlements hung the Stranger's Dagger, a symbol of the Aspect of the Stranger within the Common Faith. After treating with it's guardians we were accepted into the walls and were given lodgings. You were told when the evening meal were to be served and heavily encouraged to participate in the labour of the day in exchange for their hospitality. During the meal you questioned the sisters about penny but none knowing about her and in frustration some harsh words were said. You were given until sunset the next day to be out of sight from the keep.

Session 43-3


While the Queen was vanquished all was not peaceful in Vecna's domain. She was a bit annoyed with you almost ruining her plan, dragging in strangers (Seth) and that Penny was still skulking around despite having orders to fetch Gromph's grimoire. To get away from it all Seth went topsite where he in the ruined temple found a nervous man. The man had found a scroll on his night stand and a note to deliver it to the "Priestess at the Temple". So Seth took the scroll and took it down. Back down Vecna scolded him for his idiocy of brining it down as it conjured forth a mighty deamon, a Balrog. The Balrog was sent to bring back Eldreth for his master, Demogorgon, as she belonged to him. But in a mighty show of resilience and force of personality Anton intimidated it to return empty handed. But not before extending an offer to the "Horncleaver" to join it's master and lead the armies of the Abyss. An offer Anton declined. With patience running low Vecna gladly whisked you away to get some peace and quiet, to return once you have rested and found out why Mistress Edralve of Highport was putting her nose in Vecna's affairs.

Secret stuff

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