René Sinclaire

René Sinclaire
Activity Gone
Nationality Montbelliard
Social status Outcast


Revolution 04-1

A new guard

As Seraphim was looking for security personnel it seemed it, or he, found him. A daring outlaw by the name of René arrived at the hotel and was hired on the spot. Despite Vinko's grunts. A random person was tasked with taking the wit of approval to Andrei the Dramaturge

Revolution 04-5

A productive afternoon

The guard candidates Titus having arranged for didn't get a good impression of their new prospective employer. With René left to inspect them Seraphim went to meet with Yvette. During that conversation Seraphim's lack of enthusiasm for his new position rubbed Yvette in a very disapprovingly way. René fared little better gerring into a cock-measuring competition with one of the guards. In the end a few were chosen (of decent -good quality).

Revolution 5-3

Steeley Steel

Not having a proper blade did not sit well for René so he went to an old contact of his, Vasily. He got the blade with strings attached, a service had to be rendered.

Successful circles test for Vasilij
Failed Resources test for René

Secret stuff

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