Title King of the Trolls
Race Troll
Nationality Black Mountain
Location Black Mountain
Social status King

A troll of gigantic propotions, there is no doubting that Rivfader is the king of the Trolls. Crowned with a horned crown, it have been on his head for so long it have fused to it's head. Rivfader hosts his horde at his fortress-city of the Black Mountain. Why Rivfader have awoken none knows but his horde is gathering.

His horde consists mainly of Smatroll, Goblins and monstrous canines such as Wolves and Worgs. Rivfader's two most loyal companions are the twin worgs Skelli and Hatti who were subjugated by Rivfader a long time ago. During Rivfader's long sleep those two guards him.

Notable items and other possessions


Secret stuff

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