Title Your highness, princess
Race Human
Nationality Montbelliard
Social status Royal
Other Previously Colette Montbelliard

The princess who left her royalty behind


Revolution 2-3

More drama

With Emanuel facing severe punishment for just setting up a play Seraphim decided to commission a satirical play about himself to show it is OK to even laugh about estranged prince. Finding a minor dramaturge named Andre the two entered negotiations. A fee was paid and a promise to get a writ of approval for the play from the king given. Andre needed insurances he would not suffer the same fate as Emanuel.

Failed circles test for Andre, enmity
Failed resources, given gift

Revolution 2-5

Dirt on the General

Wanting dirt on the General, and someone who could use said dirt, Seraphim headed towards court. A place she had been at for a long time. There she ran into the ambassador from the Empire of the Seven Riven Valleys Jack-Ann-Marie who were very interested in gossiping. Since the general was the poster boy of the war against her nation she saw opportunities.

Successful circles test for Jack-Ann-Marie

Revolution 03-2

No longer lady-in-waiting

Needing that wit of approval to set up his play Seraphim's palace visit continued with reconnecting with her old lady-in-waiting. A bit of an awkward reunion but it did lead to another meeting set up.

Revolution 03-4

At court

Finally Seraphim made her way to the court proper. Recognised by the herald he was ushered into the back room where he met his grandfather for the first time in many years. The reunion was less than cordial but in the end Seraphim got the wit of approval. In exchange he promised to take up his role as heir apparent.

Revolution 03-6

More dirt on the general

Seraphim found the General's old buddy and had a chat with him. It was arranged for Titus to find some good candidates to reinforce Seraphim's hotel guards.

Revolution 04-1

A new guard

As Seraphim was looking for security personnel it seemed it, or he, found him. A daring outlaw by the name of René arrived at the hotel and was hired on the spot. Despite Vinko's grunts. A random person was tasked with taking the wit of approval to Andrei the Dramaturge

Revolution 04-5

A productive afternoon

The guard candidates Titus having arranged for didn't get a good impression of their new prospective employer. With René left to inspect them Seraphim went to meet with Yvette. During that conversation Seraphim's lack of enthusiasm for his new position rubbed Yvette in a very disapprovingly way. René fared little better gerring into a cock-measuring competition with one of the guards. In the end a few were chosen (of decent -good quality).

Revolution 5-2

A proper visit

With his new position Seraphim needed to get up to date on current affairs and got Yvette as his etiquette teacher. During one of their lessons he invited her to see the hotel. She did not like what she saw…

Revolution 5-4

The playscript

With everything arranged Seraphim went to check in on Andrei's progress and had a look at the script. He missed the finer details on it and thinks it will do what he asked of Andrei.

// Successful Circles for Andrei
Failed test to to properly understand the play//

Revolution 5-6

Body blocked

Needing a proper fancy bodyguard now with his new position Seraphim went to the head of the royal Household, Nadia, to ask to get the Grand General. Him not being under her command made it difficult for her to transfer him. But she would talk to him.

Successful circles of Nadia
Failed Persuasion to get the General as a bodyguard

Secret stuff

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