Seth Nido

Seth Nido
Activity Sword 'n' spelling
Race Human

A man with a blade

Notable items and other possessions


Session 42-2

Into Araumycos

As things calmed down you acquainted yourself with the new arrival, a human by the name Seth Nido who showed skill with both spell and sword. He was there to protect Stool as his blade Koh had guided him. With Stool safe and breaking of of the trance it shared it's spores and what was happening: Zuggtmoy was going to meld, to unite, with Araumycos putting the enormous being under her control. He and his former troop were going to its centre for some ritual. With his guidance you set off. Many, many hours later you found the passage ahead of you filled with marching myconoids and various kind of spore servants. As time was of essence Stool offered to put you in direct contact with Araumycos and enter its mind.

Session 43-3


While the Queen was vanquished all was not peaceful in Vecna's domain. She was a bit annoyed with you almost ruining her plan, dragging in strangers (Seth) and that Penny was still skulking around despite having orders to fetch Gromph's grimoire. To get away from it all Seth went topsite where he in the ruined temple found a nervous man. The man had found a scroll on his night stand and a note to deliver it to the "Priestess at the Temple". So Seth took the scroll and took it down. Back down Vecna scolded him for his idiocy of brining it down as it conjured forth a mighty deamon, a Balrog. The Balrog was sent to bring back Eldreth for his master, Demogorgon, as she belonged to him. But in a mighty show of resilience and force of personality Anton intimidated it to return empty handed. But not before extending an offer to the "Horncleaver" to join it's master and lead the armies of the Abyss. An offer Anton declined. With patience running low Vecna gladly whisked you away to get some peace and quiet, to return once you have rested and found out why Mistress Edralve of Highport was putting her nose in Vecna's affairs.

Session 45-1

The old preacher

Tasked by his sword Koh, Seth set out to find

a dockside preacher preaching about the comfort of having The Stranger as protector, an unseen hand to guide you and protect you. To know that you are safe without worrying about who is protecting you.

Unlike earlier marks your sword asked not that his life is saved, not this time. Just that his soul doesn't pass on before Midsummer's Eve. After finding the man you found his health deteriorating and that death would soon claim him. The second opinion from a doctor was that all that could be given to him was comfort. Later the same night, in the midst of Fight Night!, Seth went out looking for someone who could help and found an old man in a very peculiar shop. Known as Uncle Martin he offered you a way to bind his soul, but the binding would not be without cost.

Secret stuff

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