Skelli And Hatti

Skelli and Hatti
Title The Worg princes
Race Worg
Nationality Black Mountain
Relationships Subjugated by Rivfader

Skelli and Hatti, two legendary Worgs. For as long as the stories tell they have been by Rivfader's side acting as his most trusted lieutenants. The first thing anyone knows of them is them being subjugated by Rivfader. It is said they are made up of two of the north's elements, Snow and Death, but if there is any truth to it is unknown. Their origin can be completion different and then have had those labels placed on them by their unfortunate survivors. The Worg Princes are cruel creatures, much more cruel than their more common brethren. They often leave their victims alive but missing a limb or two and they are them hounded towards civilization where the now delirious victims can tell the tales.

Notable items and other possessions


Secret stuff

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