Activity Chilling back home at Neverlight Grove
Race Myconid
Nationality Neverlight Grove
Location Neverlight Grove

A myconid.

Notable items and other possessions


Session 2-1

A choice of Darkness

With Anton calmed dawn it dawned upon you that none really knew where you where, in the Underdark yes, but not where. You also knew you couldn't stay at Velkynvelve as the garrison during your escape was heavily diminished. And there were no signs of Ilvara Mizzryn, the priestess. The only one with any knowledge of Velkynvelve's location in relation to other landmarks and settlements, Sarith, died. That is apart from the Svirfneblin twins Topsy and Turvy who knew the rough direction to their Blidgenstone, the Svirfneblin city in this region. But they advised against that option as Menzoberranzan, the Drow city, lies in between. Shuushar, the Kuo-Toa spiritualist, could take them to his kin at Sloobludop as long as they could find their way to the enormous subterranean waterways known as the Darklake. In the end you chose to follow the advice of the Myconid Stool who offered to bring you to his kin at Neverlight Grove as in Neverlight Grove there exist a fungus whose mycelium stretches far and wide and knows many hidden passages.

Session 2-2

On the right path

Strapping on your scavenged equipment you put Velkynvelve and it's relative safety behind you as you followed the small Myconid into the darkness. After a while Stool started to get agitated and into a side chamber you found a small fungi colony tended by two Myconids being attacked by glowing beetles. After saving one of them and most of the fungi a small shrine was found in the deepest part of the chamber. The statue in the shrine of a Mycanoid humanoid depicted someone unknown to all and it was left alone. Once Stool and the tender shared rapport Stool eagerly told you that you should soon come to a creek which flows from Neverlight Grove and can be followed all the way there. A sense of direction you haven't had before gave you a nice confidence boost.

Session 3-3

An evening with the Myconids

A day or so later you started seeing and experiencing the outskirts of Neverlight Grove, the firm rock passages giving way to mushy soil and the barren walls becoming covered by fungi. The grove itself sitting in a huge fungi filled cavern, softly lit by photo luminescent fungi. As you entered the grove, Wreit excused himself as he had business to attend to and Stool took you into it. A short while later you were greeted by one of the grove's leaders Soverign Phylo, a very cheerful and joyous Myconid who welcomed you to the grove in these exciting times. A celebration was to be had, an exciting celebration. While you did decline the invitation you accepted a feast as a thanks for brining Stool home. A banquet were set for you and that evening you ate well. During the banquet you were approached by the other leader of the grove Sovereign Basidia, a much more dour Myconid who did it's best to bring down the mood by complaining about Phylo's changes to the grove, many of which broke old tradition, and of the celebration, which not something Myconids do. Once you had your fill of fungi you went to locate Wreit who had concluded his businesses when you found him. As you left the grove a small celebrating procession passed you by and their spores carried with them a bit of celebratory song.

Session 22-1

Rot and Fungi

Making your way southwards along the river you after a few days, not too far from where river Nub flows into the Last Lake, noticed a smell of rot and decay. Following it you happened upon a small hamlet that by the looks of it had been washed out. The ground made of frozen mud, the buildings coved by a thin layer of ice and most of the roofs destroyed. In the main building you found the inhabitants put in a line and now covered by various fungi. The decomposition of the bodies and the fungi made the area around the bodies almost warm. Taking a sample of the fungi Dag accidentally got in contact with them and felt a familiar creature communicating with him. Stool, the myconid you left in Neverlight, sent through the fungi a feeling of frightened exaltation. A joyous celebration and a fungus growing from a caverns floor and disappearing into the darkness above. With supplies low you left the bodies where they laid and went after the perpetrators.

Session 42-1

A new friend, and an old friend

After catching your breath and having a new goal, the massive being that is Araumycos, you set out to once again attempt to catch Zuggtmoy. After a quick teleport to somewhere near the centre of the being you found yourself in fungi tunnels. Not any massive fungi as it was in Neverlight but smaller and more slime- and mold like. But you did not arrive alone as you found yourself in a group of various charmed and bewitched fungi and myconids who immediately took you for something hostile and attacked. In the scuffle you found Stool fighiting the enchantment and a new ally who was there seemingly in order to protect Stool.

Session 42-2

Into Araumycos

As things calmed down you acquainted yourself with the new arrival, a human by the name Seth Nido who showed skill with both spell and sword. He was there to protect Stool as his blade Koh had guided him. With Stool safe and breaking of of the trance it shared it's spores and what was happening: Zuggtmoy was going to meld, to unite, with Araumycos putting the enormous being under her control. He and his former troop were going to its centre for some ritual. With his guidance you set off. Many, many hours later you found the passage ahead of you filled with marching myconoids and various kind of spore servants. As time was of essence Stool offered to put you in direct contact with Araumycos and enter its mind.

Secret stuff

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