Sylvester III Montbelliard, King of Montbelliard

Sylvester III Montbelliard
Activity Ruling
Title King
Nationality Montbellliard
Social status Noble
Occupation Ruling
Allegiance Montbelliard

The King. Wants his only grandchild to take up the throne and carry on the family name.


Revolution 03-4

At court

Finally Seraphim made her way to the court proper. Recognised by the herald he was ushered into the back room where he met his grandfather for the first time in many years. The reunion was less than cordial but in the end Seraphim got the wit of approval. In exchange he promised to take up his role as heir apparent.

Revolution 04-3

The General and the King

Having a few things to discuss with the King marcellus sought him out and ended up sparring with him. During the spar the issue of the failed promises to the soldier, such as the undelivered plunder, was brought up. The king told him to talk with someone else about it.

Secret stuff

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