Topsy and Turvy

Topsy and Turvy
Activity Lost in the Underdark
Race Svirfneblin
Relationships Brother and sister
Allegiance To eachother

Two deep gnome twins, one female (Topsy) and one male (Turvy). Topsy is the more social one who more or less speaks for them both. Turvy mostly mutters darkly.

Notable items and other possessions


Session 3-1


With the outpost secured the Motley Crew the work to make it comfortable began. Corpses were dispatched, pet lizards were cut up and smoked, nooks and crannies searched and beds called dibs on. Among the items found were the Chief's great-axe which was broken during the assault and a puzzlebox underneath the goblin shaman's bed. After tinkering with it a bit Kerra got an ominous sense of dread and unease from it, why something so intricate would be in the possession of a goblin. With unkown surroundings some scoutning parties were organized and sent out. Scouting back towards they came Topsy and Turvy found a steam filled small chamber with passages going deeper in. And towards Neverlight Grove Dag found a passage where he could hear voices coming from. Reporting the finds the the rest Willy became interested in the Whispering passage and when brought there heard something familiar in the whispers.

Session 4-3

Rumbling earth

Whether is was your greedy endeavours tearing the crystals off or it was completely unrelated that night you woke up to the earth rumbling. Walls cracking, crevices opening, and shards and boulders being dislodged with force. Seeking cover where the was almost none you survived. As you were doing a headcount you noticed Topsy and Turvy missing, a search yielded nothing. With Wreit eager to get going you left your Svirfneblin companions behind hoping they will find their way back to you.

Secret stuff

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