Activity Researching
Title Lich-Goddess
Race Once human, now a lich
Location Her own pocket domain

The lich-goddess Vecna owho once tried to utterly destroy the Daemon Queen Vecna but was interrupted in the process by the fool Cuthbert and his crusade against all that is evil. All she could do then was to make sure the Daemon didn't escape. She have since worked to finish her task. Having hijacked the cults to the Stranger in the region she is being fed the worship instead of the aspect which sustains her and have granted her a base from which she works.

Notable items and other possessions


Session 31-4

Meeting Vecna

You were led through a secret passage among the rubble back of the keep, down into the keep's basement where you were led to Penny's mistress - the Lich-Goddess Vecna who once had summoned forth Zyggtmoy at the temple in Nub. After hearing her story, she was trying to destroy Zyggtmoy when the fool Cuthbert arrived, and listening to her proposal you agreed to assist each other. A few offhand remarks regarding Zarrah made her reveal her true nature of a Illithid, all while Vacna amused sipped some wine. Vecna not being much for needless wealth, but rich in knowledge, after a while got frustrated by Anton's nagging about wealth. So she plucked a gem from one of the statues of her, a blood-red ruby, and gave it to him. Zarrah on the other hand was mesmerized by her vast collection of rare tomes. In the end you had a plan to put into action
- Gather the elemental cores from Zyggtmoy's old prison under the temple of Nub
- Fashion a hook or similar implement strong enough to hook a Daemon Queen, a large horn would do the trick.
- The silver cords of the Gith would make excellent line to bind and reel her in with

Session 33-2

Conversations with Vecna

With the cores in place you set out to see if you get your hands on a daemon's horn, or similar. To aid you in your search Vecna lent you The Dark Grimoire of the Abyss. During your visit Vecna told you of a few things she had managed to figure out now that she have you to do her legwork. Shortly before Demogorgon surfaced on the material plane, and Zyggtmoy escaped, there was a surge of arcane energy from the underdark. Possibly from the drow metropolis of Menzoberranzan. It is a lead but nothing she knows how to act on, for the moment.

Session 34-4

Suspicious ladies

Handing over the horn to Vecna, and the Dark Grimoire, you told her about Edralve who Vecna had encountered before. Not certain of what to do with her Vecna decided it would be best to send an emissary, and since you had already met her you could do the job. On the topic of Silver Cords Vecna had stumbled upon some possible leads in her vast wisdom and knowledge. The Gith, especially the Githyanki tend to make fortresses out of the bodies of dead gods lingering in the Astral sea. The Astral sea is also where your mind sometimes wander when you dream, the Dreamlands. She also told you that there were some secretive mystics dwelling in the Great Ice Wall to the far north that according to legend you walk their dreams. A possible way to enter the Astral Sea. And on the topic of rewards, again brought up by Anton, Vecna told you you could always take it from the Dragon that hunts the Icerim Expanse. With new goals in mind you again set off, this time stopping by in Neva.

Session 43-2


With at least part of Zuggtmoy's material form you arrived back at Vecna's. As the connection between her astral form, which you had captured, and her material form was severed there was no time to spare to rebind her forms. Allowing Vecna to tap into Zarrah's and Seth's remaining arcane energies the three of you did what you needed. Zuggtmoy was bound to her body and then torn apart.

Session 43-3


While the Queen was vanquished all was not peaceful in Vecna's domain. She was a bit annoyed with you almost ruining her plan, dragging in strangers (Seth) and that Penny was still skulking around despite having orders to fetch Gromph's grimoire. To get away from it all Seth went topsite where he in the ruined temple found a nervous man. The man had found a scroll on his night stand and a note to deliver it to the "Priestess at the Temple". So Seth took the scroll and took it down. Back down Vecna scolded him for his idiocy of brining it down as it conjured forth a mighty deamon, a Balrog. The Balrog was sent to bring back Eldreth for his master, Demogorgon, as she belonged to him. But in a mighty show of resilience and force of personality Anton intimidated it to return empty handed. But not before extending an offer to the "Horncleaver" to join it's master and lead the armies of the Abyss. An offer Anton declined. With patience running low Vecna gladly whisked you away to get some peace and quiet, to return once you have rested and found out why Mistress Edralve of Highport was putting her nose in Vecna's affairs.

Secret stuff

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