Race Reptile
Location Land of the thousand lakes

The Verschlingen is an enormous albino snake nearly 100 feet in length. While not as physically imposing as a drachen, it has a much more insidious method of killing - it secretes deadly deadly toxins that fill the air and water around it, poisoning the area. The effects of these toxins can be felt up to one hundred miles away, but they are only serious when within 10 feet of the monster.
Special Abilities: The Verschlingen ignores the first 10 points of damage from any attack.
If this brings the attack below 1 point of damage, it glances off the beast's flesh. Merely standing within 10 feet of it causes 1 Flesh Wound per Phase; all Heroes and Henchmen must make Wound Checks automatically at the end of each Round if they have any Flesh Wounds. Brutes automatically pass out, dying if exposed for more than an hour.

Being bitten by the Verschlingen is grounds for instant death. The fangs leave two smoking puncture wounds in the victim, who convulses briefly, then expires. You may want to warn your Heroes by having it kill an NPC, and encourage them to save actions for Active Defenses… just in case. Finally, should all else fail, an NPC loyal to the Hero about to be bitten can jump in the way, taking the venomous bite himself. This shouldn't happen more than once; after the Heroes are clued in, all bets are off.

The creature's toxin is sorcerous in nature, and becomes inert upon the Verschlingen's death. Heroes who kill it and bring back proof receives 5 Reputation Points each, and 10 more when the Wasting Disease begins to fade.

Secret stuff

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