Vizeran DeVir

Vizeran DeVir
Activity Brooding at his tower
Title Archmage, former
Race Drow
Location Araj, tower of vengeance
Social status Outcast

Once hailed as one of the greatest arcane minds of Menzoberranzan his rise unfortunately coincided with the rise of another great wizard, Gromph Baenre. With Gromph's mind for scheming and backing of the greatest house in Menzoberranzan Vizeran was soon outmanoeuvred and exiled. His exile did save him from in a strange way, not long after his exile his house was wiped out by the most foul and wicked of house - house Do'Urden.

Instead of perishing in the underdark he created his massive tower and sanctuary as a safe haven. From there he have spent centuries brooding and scheming. He have a great thirst for vengeance and is certain that time has come.


Session 41-1

A new player in the Game

Once ready Vecna eagerly teleported you out from her domain and into the underdark with the intent of putting you not far from Neverlight. But after a shaky, which is unusual, passage you found yourself not near Neverlight as there was very little fungi around. Instead you found yourself a turn away from the Tower of Vengeance where you got invited in by it's lord, a drow arcanist, Vizeran DeVir. He had an offer for you, assist him in direly and expediently solving the daemon threat and he would make sure Vecna didn't find you. Despite the fine food and drink, lavish environment and that he saved from being put between a rock and a hard place you turned down his offer. As he bid you farewell he teleported you to not far from Neverlight, but not before giving Anton a small gem.

Secret stuff

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