Activity With the Motley Crew
Race Human
Social status Self-imposed exile

I'm Willy. Last name doesn't matter, since my stepfather never liked me much and disowned me years ago. This entire situation is all his fault, really. If that hadn't happened I'd be sitting in a cosy mansion by now, sipping a drink. Instead I was forced to join an adventuring party. Bloody cleric had some sort of death wish, I reckon, and convinced us all into going down here. Long story short, we got beset by the Drow and I was the only one who survived, albeit captured. And that's how I met you, fellow captives.

What the Drow are planning for me? They've sent a letter to my family, with a ring I got from my grandfather a long time ago, hoping to get a ransom for me. I told them not to get their hopes up and just sell me into slavery or something, step-dad's not going to pay for me.

Notable items and other possessions


Session 1-4

The opportunity?

It didn't take long before the opportunity presented itself. High screeches and the sound of buzzing wings filled the cavern. Not wasting any precious time the Motley Crew unlocked the door and left their cell. Once outside they saw what caused the commotion, giant winged creatures battling in the air and the drow of Velkynvelve agitating them. Knowing that the guards had an outpost in the stalactite outside of the prison the Motley Crew assaulted it and the half-orc barbarian Anton tossed one of them out of the small window. Upstairs a variety of gear was found and the crew took a bit of time to get equipped.

Stalactite to stalactite the crew went gathering what they could. In the largest one, with the shrine and the priestesses' quarters, Willy the warrior (who somehow had found a greatsword), found the apprentice priestess and managed to drive her further down into the stalactite where she escaped through an hidden passageway. But the incusion into the shrine stalactite was worth it due to the various items acquired from there. And in the mess hall the crew stocked up on supplies both nurishing and refreshing before they took the now unguarded lift to the cavern floor below.

During the escape two other of the Motley Crew died, Sarith Kzekarit who in a bout of mad amnesia had struck down a brother-in-arms and the orc Ront.

Session 5-2

A break

The ledge couldn't keep it's welcoming nature and soon you found yourself at the end of it. But in the dark distance a bit below the current ledge another takes over. Tying Anton with another rope he started the climb down. Despite slipping and dangling a bit he got the the lower ledge securing the rope for the rest. When Willy climbed down he was forced to quickly find a handhold as he slipped and got bit. Looking into the crack Willy found a very sorrowful Imp begging for Willy's forgiveness which Willy wasn't willing to give. Willy grabbed the Imp with him as he climbed down. Once everyone was down Willy turned his attention to the Imp again and got it name, Jim, out of it. He also managed to squeeze out of it that it was hiding from his master after stealing a very pretty gem from it. When all of you were hesitating on whether or not to claim the gem Kerra decided to claim it as hers in front of Willy. As soon as the gem was snatched from the Imp's hand it disappeared with a big grin.

Session 13-4

Sparkling gem

While taking care of the Drwo remains Willy felt a call, a call to plunge the Gem into the forehead of the priestess Ilvara. A call not too unfamiliar and he followed it's urges. The next morning her corpse was gone and the Gem back in Willy's pocket.

Session 20-3

An Eternal Mission

While the arms and armour of the slain footsoldiers showed the passage of time the Commander's armour had weathered it very well. It's make of exceptional quality and still to this date functioning without a sound. On the Commander you also found a journal detailing the force's mission, and some confusing preservation spells. Further investigations of the area revealed many protective wars enacted on it and among them Dag noticed a rune similar to one already on him, except this focusing on ice and frost. And Willy felt a familiar presence and got a sensation disturbing and confusing…

Session 35-1


As you teleported you found the teleportation circle not in Neva but at an old forgotten shrine in the hills outside the town. Walking towards town you passed by simple farms worked by simple people, town guard patrolling between the fields and outside one of the outermost farms you found a bloody young man sitting on his porch. He, in simple terms did not know what to do. Nor what he had had done. All he knew is that when he woke up he had the dagger in his hands, clothes and himself bloody and his brother lying in in his bed stabbed repeatedly. For Willy this was an not too unfamiliar scene, especially since the dagger the young man used was bound to him as Willy's first weapon was bound to him. All the young man could say in his defence was that he recently had felt trapped in a doomed place. But apart from that nothing. He was talked into handing himself over to the local authorities while Willy kept the dagger.

Secret stuff

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