Zora Nadiya

Zora Nadiya
Activity Ruling Neva
Title Prime minister, Regent
Race Halfling
Nationality Grand Principality of Neva
Location Neva
Social status Noble
Occupation prime minister, Regent
Allegiance Prince Varsil Neva II

Small but determined and fierce. And one to hold grudges, which those that have gone against her have learnt. Despite her diminutive size her footprint upon the society in Neva is very large. When the prince's father, the previous Prince, died when Varsil was but a young boy Zora quickly cemented power around her. One day she managed the household and the next she was appointed Prime Minister and Regent. Those that doubted her have been swayed by her results. With the prince only two years from adulthood there are those who doubt she will relinquish power.

Zora's clan have served the Nevas for generations, clan legend tells of the coming of the first of the Nevas and how they struck an accord with them. The halflings would support the fledgling human settlement with knowledge and expertise in exchange for protection. In those days wild folk, animals and monsters often attacked the halfling in their burrows and hills. With the establishment of Neva the front shifted north and peace came upon the halfling lands.

Notable items and other possessions


Session 35-3

A short visit

Resting at the Inn you suddenly had an unexpected visitor, a halfling presenting herself as Zora Nadiya along with a few town guards. Being the prime minister, and regent until Vasil Neva would come of age, she had quite a bit of interest in your strange party that arrived in her town. From eluding the scouts to convincing a murderer to turn himself in you had made an impression. Her cold and demanding manners prompted a similar response from you and without much else exchanged she left you to continue with your business.

Secret stuff

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