Session 3-2

Wandering Wreit the Waremonger

As the Motley Crew were resting in their outpost they heard a loud proclaiming voice coming from the tunnels outside. Telling everyone with ears that "Wandering Wreit had to to pay his respects to the master of the outpost for the privilege of travelling through his territory" but referring to the previous master of the outpost. When confronted with your Motley Crew and that you had dispatched the former occupants he became a bit worried, especially if you were going to keep the tunnels safe. The revelation that you were were only temporary occupants did concern him, but there was little he could do. Inviting him in he offered you the same toll as the ones before, a cask of Fire lichen brandy which you accepted. He told you that he was a travelling merchant, travelling from Graklstugh to Neverlight Grove selling fine ashes to the Myconids and buying fungi from them. As you were going the same way you decided to make company for the time being.

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