Session 5-3

The old lady at the waterfront

With the Imp gone and the party again gathered you again started the walk along the ledge. After a good while you found the end of it, a massive slope of rubble led down to a flat wide area and the Darklake glimmering in the distance. Next to an old building, or rather ruin, an old woman were grilling fish over a fire. Two gnolls guarding her, her pets. And at the water's edge a keelboat was moored. You were invited by the obvious blind woman to sit down and enjoy a fish. Inquiring about your business you were given the boat but tasked with going to Sloobludop, the Kuo-Toa village to find out why the waters from it aggravates her gnolls. Agreeing to it you rowed out of the lake as she put two fishes on the fire.

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