Session 5-4

Shooshar's Island

As the Motley crew headed out on the Darklake with Shooshar on the helm the darkness of the Darklake became ever more suffocating. On the lake no photo luminescent fungi grew, no lichen. Only darkness. With a steady hand Shooshar set course towards his home village of Sloobludop but first stopping by on a small island he had visited in the past. As they arrived they found it thankfully uninhabited, but in the small cave on it a long rotted corpse was found. Dressed in Drow finery on him the party found a satchel with a waterlogged journal, with an unknown mark, and a dagger. As Dag inspected the dagger he found it pulling him towards the north-east, the Hunter's dagger was still marked with it's quarry.

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