Session 6-3

Split waters

As the lights from Sloobludop came into sight in the distance a Kuo-Toa keelboat can up towards you in a hostile manner demanding you submitting to Lemogogon. Shooshar, despite being native to Sloobludop, had no knowledge of this Lemogogon. But told you his kin have an ability and tendency to create new gods. But before it came to blows another Kuo-Toa kneelboat came up to you, more populated, and chased away the others in the name of the Sea-Mother. Presenting himself as Ploopploopeen (henceforth Plopp), the arch-priest of the Sea-Mother, he apologized for the condition in Sloobludop and invited the Motley crew to stay a while as they could perhaps do him a favor.

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