Session 7-3


Not really knowing what they were up against the Motley Crew with their rescued Duergar headed as far as possible from the beast. Before they could even get to their apartment and their gear they heard a familiar voice calling out DEMOGORGON. Turning around you saw Eldreth walking towards the beast uttering words in Abyssal only to be engulfed by the beast. After quickly grabbing your gear you headed into the caverns surrounding Sloobludop. Some hours later the Duergar, Hemeth, was in good enough condition as you needed him to get to Gracklstugh, especially as he told you he often traversed it's waterways. So you snuck back into Sloobludop but not without attracting attention. While no beasts spotted your reentry several scared Kuo-Toa did and once you found yourselves at the boat Shooshar had his arms full with tadpoles he had been given to take to safety. You set out on the lake, before you could leave Sloobludop behind you you were assaulted by flying demons that you gave a watery grave.

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