Session 8-2

Not going places

After finding you way to the Henstak caravan office you quickly found the caravan master who told you that there were no caravans going in your desired direction for several weeks. And neither could they spare a guide for you. Disheartened you started thinking about your options, and Saltbaron hadn't gotten back in touch with you. But then you decided to seek Ylsa and see if she perhaps could help. You after all had a bit of coin and perhaps could hire a whole caravan. Allowed access to her she quickly saw the usefulness of you being outsiders as she had a small issue that had been eating away at her. The Derro, the underclass in Gracklstugh, at some of their affairs with her and her merchants had used coins not native to the Underdark but coming from the lands above. Being an inquisitive woman she needed to know how these coins got into the hands of the Derro. Promising a guide to a trading post called Mantol-Derith you agreed to assist her. To be able to move a bit more freely in the city she also gave you a few brooches signalling you being in her service.

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