Session 9-1

Still movements

In Caingorn cavern, the domain of the stone giants in Gracklstugh, stonespeeker hgraam began the ritual to bring your companion Kerra back to life. As it goes on the whole cavern appears to shake, the strange mist you encountered before softly change colours and Hgraam doing all he can to bring har back. Almost fainting from the exhausting ritual Hgraam is forced to abandon the efforts to being her back, "The stone is not responding, shaking and is restless". Offering to care for her remains you leave, mourning the loss of yet another companion. Outside the cavern a simply yet well-dressed Duergar, Hemeth who guided you to Gracklstugh, calls upon your attention in this time of grief bringing a message that his employer Saltbaron is waiting for you in your quarts at the Ghohlbron's lair.

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