Session 9-3

Plowing the furrow

Resting up a bit after your encounter with the giant and the loss of a companion you spent the time getting a bit familiar with Zarrah. Once fresh you set out to find the Whorlstone tunnels and the only exit you knew of is down in the furrow. Entering it you quickly realized the difficulty of the search as the walls of the furrow almost contained more tunnels and small caverns than wall. And the Derro themselves were not much help, most revelling in their madness. But in the chaos and squabbling noise of the furrow you were discovered by a Derro savant, a not-so-mad Derro leader, who at the discovery of you decided to hold a feast for the occasion. In a large cavern tables were set and a feast in your honour were held. In the Derro crowd around you you spotted your old friend Buppido the Derro, who had abandoned you and the Motley crew upon arriving in Gracklstugh.

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