Session 9-5

Capturing Droki

Leaving the carnage of Buppido's lair behind you the most fancy Derro Droki pass before you before darting in through a fungi patch. Taking up the chase you did your best effort but Droki quickly got away from you. Once again alone in the tunnels you started your exploration. In a high-celing cavern Zarrah let some of the strange mist, also known as Faerzeress, affect her and she got a a vision of recent past in Gracklstugh. Avoiding obviously spider-infested tunnels you suddenly saw Droki coming towards you. Taking a lower path Anton and Willy made common cause and jumped him from a ledge and managed to get him beneath them. With Droki in custody the questioning him began, and robbing him. Some arcane scrolls were found, his boots stolen and you learnt that he was going to make some deliveries, the most important deliveries as are all his deliveries, to some Duergar in dark. In a stoke a genius you tricked him into leading you to them by hiring his services as a messenger. Not wanting him to get away you leashed the poor mad Derro like a dog.

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