Session 10-1

A Derro on a leash

With Droki on a leash and very eager to continue his errants, without boots, he led you along his path. And right into where some Derro held in cages some now starved owlbears. Seeing Droki leashed by strangers they quickly released the owlbears who decided you looked like dinner. With the owlbears and their handlers dispatched Droki pulled you towards a narrow crack in the wall, directing you towards it. As all of you, including Droki, were too big for the crack he told you to eat some pygmywort fungi. Eating some, Droki shrank to fit into the crack and got free of the rope. Quickly following his example you took up the miniature hunt of him. But Droki is Droki and knew these passages like the back of his hand so he easily ran away from you. Again.

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