Session 19-1

Towards home

After putting a fair distance between you and the Black Mountain you hunkered down to rest and get your energies back. All the time Derek were pacing erratic, doubting the path he is walking when Rivfader, the killing of his beloved Robin, still is feasting and gathering his horde. Emerging after your secluded rest you noticed many tracks outside of your camp, but just passing by. Climbing higher up into the mountains you found yourself at what you realized was a frozen over lake. Crossing it , and it's much easier going, you were beset by ice worms, Remoraz, that decided you were a perfect meal. After slaying them with the ice cracking under your feet you left the lake for safer and more solid ground. Utilizing her powers, Zarrah polymorphed into an Eagle to scout the surrounding area. With snow and mountain as far as her eagle eyes could see the lone figure far into the distance stood out.

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