Session 23-2

T1-4: Temple of Elemental Evil

A trek longer than it should have been brought you to the grounds of the old temple where you again were assaulted by Cultists of Air and Water. Once they were dispatched the temple was before you ready to be liberated of all it's evils and treasures. But the evil was already vanquished and the treasures looted some 35 years ago, the last time the Cult rose. When you came to the temple the decades of neglect started to be shown, part of the roof collapsed and minor structural damage. But still in sound structural condition. Exploring the ground level of it you found several passages to below, all soundly collapsed except for one at the altar. Following that below you ended up in it's substructure. Investigating the empty halls and hallways brought you to a circular room with balconies running around it, at your current level and below where other passages spread out.

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