Session 24-3

Temple, pt 2

With knowledge of cultists having a hideout in some ruins just outside the temple ground you started a trek one again to the temple. But you had exerted yourself and your resources and sought sanctuary with St Cuthbert to rest up. Once rested you found the ruins and the empty halls. Judging the size of the cell you found it to match up roughly to the force of the cultist ambush. There were signs of a hastily departure and that the commander's room one was occupied by a female with the same hair colour as Penny. With a few strands of her hair you attuned the Hunter's Dagger to her and found she had several days head start on you up into the mountains. You decided to let her run. In the basement you found an ancient anchor for an Astral projection, possibly how the cell communicated with those higher up. With nothing left in Nub you began the long walk towards Hommlet. Again.

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