Session 30-3

No door unopened

With the giants dead you set out to secure the keep, opening every door and peeking into every chest. In a room in the keep, made for a dwarf, you found schematics, drawings and other documents related to the construction of the Keep. Worryingly you found permissions for it described as a trading post issued by the authorities in Neva. Upstairs among the merchant's abandoned items you found documentation supporting her story, shipping manifests and letters. As you opened the last door into one of the low towers in the earthen ramparts you found the architect's love den, a dwarf by the name of Black Kerr. As Anton kicked in the door he put a bolt in his his shoulder. Being slimy and wormy and filled with vague promises you decided him to be more trouble than his worth and just took his head. His companions you allowed to do whatever they so wished. In his little love den you also found chemistry apparatus and literature, including a treatise on Volatile Transmutation.

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