Session 34-4

Suspicious ladies

Handing over the horn to Vecna, and the Dark Grimoire, you told her about Edralve who Vecna had encountered before. Not certain of what to do with her Vecna decided it would be best to send an emissary, and since you had already met her you could do the job. On the topic of Silver Cords Vecna had stumbled upon some possible leads in her vast wisdom and knowledge. The Gith, especially the Githyanki tend to make fortresses out of the bodies of dead gods lingering in the Astral sea. The Astral sea is also where your mind sometimes wander when you dream, the Dreamlands. She also told you that there were some secretive mystics dwelling in the Great Ice Wall to the far north that according to legend you walk their dreams. A possible way to enter the Astral Sea. And on the topic of rewards, again brought up by Anton, Vecna told you you could always take it from the Dragon that hunts the Icerim Expanse. With new goals in mind you again set off, this time stopping by in Neva.

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