Session 35-1


As you teleported you found the teleportation circle not in Neva but at an old forgotten shrine in the hills outside the town. Walking towards town you passed by simple farms worked by simple people, town guard patrolling between the fields and outside one of the outermost farms you found a bloody young man sitting on his porch. He, in simple terms did not know what to do. Nor what he had had done. All he knew is that when he woke up he had the dagger in his hands, clothes and himself bloody and his brother lying in in his bed stabbed repeatedly. For Willy this was an not too unfamiliar scene, especially since the dagger the young man used was bound to him as Willy's first weapon was bound to him. All the young man could say in his defence was that he recently had felt trapped in a doomed place. But apart from that nothing. He was talked into handing himself over to the local authorities while Willy kept the dagger.

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