Session 37-1

Insights into nightmare

Arriving at the Lampi herd you were escorted to a small sitting area while the Lampi curiously followed your walk through their camp. Once at the sitting area you were given some hearty food and were told someone would come and meet with you soon. As you finished your meal an elder Lampi arrived and you exchanged pleasantries, the tale of Greyhoof (of which he and Spotted Tail was aware of and concerned about) and about your nightmares. The elder told you that it was most likely the work of hags, one of which keeps cockatrices and basilisks as pets. Some of the Lampi had been affected by them in the past and they had either gone insane due to the lack of sleep or the hags had grown tired of them and the nightmares stopped that way. Knowing someone was the cause of the spell you cunningly waited until the nightmares came and then dispelled the spell. By all accounts it worked. When Zarrah was dispelling Anton's nightmare she took her time and learned as much as possible about the spell. It's workings she found was primal, primitive and was powered by blood. Upon the realization of them being powered by blood she connected a few dots and realized the hidden workings of the spells in the Eternal Legion's Journal was as well. But much more refined. And that she possibly could replicate it.

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