Session 37-4

The land of a thousand lakes

North of the land of the Lampi, the High Moors, you found the much wetter land of a thousand lakes. Stretching all the way to the the Great Ice Wall this large stretch of land is dominated by ever changing waterways and lakes fed by meltwater from the Great Ice Wall. It is also the hunting ground of the great ice dragons nesting in the wall. As you started crossing it you realized your carts would be nothing but a hindrance and you loaded your supplies directly on your mounts, and your backs. Nearing the end of your journey across the wet land tragedy struck you. First one of your mounts were taken by a giant albino snake, the Verschlingen, before it retreated back into it's swampy domain. Then a ice dragon descended upon you blasting you with it's icy breath but chased away by Anton. With the dragon away the wall was before you, and meltwater caves your entrance into it.

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