Session 38-1

Into the Ice

Entering into the Ice the daylight outside started to fade away. The last rays of light made the Ice sparkle as you followed the small stream. At a small pond, or lake, you were faced with choices on what path to go. Deciding to follow the stream up into the ice you were forced to leave your mounts at the pond. Even the gently incline made the going difficult and slippery. Several hours later, and by now miles into the ice, you came across small zurkwood shafts and crystals of ice much colder than regular ice. Both the shaft and the crystals showed signs of being worked. Later you came upon what appeared to be a settlement. More of the zurkwood, more crystals and in the ice wall small hollows. As your legs had started to grow tired you found it as good a place as any to rest your weary legs.

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