Session 46-2

Further questions at the pits

While Fight Night! was a success you still havn't found who or whom was behind it all. So you decided to work the clubs again. After canvassing several of them you learnt
- The organisation of the clubs were as varied as the clubs themselves.
- A few fighters had been given "special pay" by an "unmemorable" person. These fighter had finished at positions seemingly at random
- Organizers hosting fights because others are doing it and there being profit in it. No known "first club"
- A few other fighter had been given runes, and all retired from the scene afterwards.
Your nightly endeavours could have ended with more questions than answers if not the suave man after one of Anton's wins talked to him about how refreshing he found it that not all invitees had retired as to not injure themselves before the Labyrinth.

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